"Kate Works with Neighborhood Associations"

   From left: Jack McVickar, Off-Broadway Neighborhood Association; Michelle Drum, The Hill Association; Tom Hockaday, The Point Association; Kate; Ann Zvanovec, The Castle Hill Association; Beth Cullen, The Point Association; and Pamela Giroux, The Hill Association.   

Kate Leonard : Demanding Financial Accountablitiy

Supported staff in obtaining CDBG funds to off-set property taxes and benefit residents

Voted against spending $1 Million for new trash containers

Questioned and spoke out against spending $418,500 on 2 new single toilets on Cliff Walk, toilets needed but not at that cost

Voted against $400k being spent on Seaweed Harvester that continues to need expensive repairs.

Requested list of non-performing loans to identify more available funs for Newport’s use

Investigated use of UV System at Easton’s Beach Moat to treat storm water for $5.14 Million because it treats mainly first 1 inch of storm water.  Newport never contacted EPA for alternative options

Consistently fights big tax increases in the Budget helping to keep Newport families here

Co-sponsored resolution for analysis of all city’s debts, cost factors and effect on bond issues

Co-sponsored resolutions for good fiscal accountability

Challenged and investigated the Armory finances to protect taxpayers money

Voted repeatedly to protect your tax dollars

Kate Leonard Works with Families for a better Newport

Rogers High School Horticulture Mentoring Program:From left to right:  Linda Halliday Moitoza, School Counselor; students Mirasia Cassese, CaiLyn Miles-Taylor, Leroy Beeman, Riley Bolan, Yaqoob Iqbal, Julia Everitt

Kate has worked with RHS students for 12 years organizing, coordinating, managing, and raising private funds for this summer program. As a former educator she believes in students and wants them to succeed.

2020 committee to re-elect Kate Leonard