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I am thankful to the Ward 3 voters who came to the polls to cast their votes for me on November 3rd. I am also grateful for the support, hard work, and encouragement that I have received from my campaign committee. My opponent has now graciously conceded that I am the winner of the City Council Ward 3 race. Paul Marshall put in a great effort to win the seat that I now hold. I wish him well and am pleased that he will continue to be involved in city issues.


The next two years will be challenging times in Newport. The voters have approved a bond issue to build a new Rogers High School and expand Pell Elementary School. Newport will be experiencing the effects of the Covid Pandemic both in terms of keeping our community safe and ensuring our financial stability. The North End Master Plan and the Transportation Master Plan are in process.


I will do my best to represent the constituents of Ward 3 to the best of my ability, so that we move forward in a positive way.  “Be present in all things and be thankful for all things” (Maya Angelou).  Again—many thanks.


Call 401-849-4818, Email Kate at (no “d” on Leonard), or text her at 401-952-3461. Please remember to draw the line on the ballot so it will register and vote for the ballot questions.


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